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It's time to reclaim the Way of the Feminine!

Welcome to Menstrual Alchemy, the Place Where Transformation Happens. I love to share about the menstrual cycle and all things somatic, embodied, mindful.

I am Julika the founder of Menstrual Alchemy. 

Menstrual Alchemy restores the menstrual cycle as your rightful evolutionary journey as a woman. It teaches you about the psycho-spiritual processes that your body and psyche naturally experience with each menstrual cycle. We live in a society where the consciousness of what it means to be a cyclical human being, is lost, absent, inexistent. And we suffer from it. We don't know what it feels to be truly embodied and to have a right to exist as we are.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness helps you to restore that inactive consciousness, your right to exist and feel seen fully, and come closer to your authentic voice. It's about learning to understand yourself and your rhythmic patterns. You can finally come home to the woman that you are, far beyond what patriarchy made you believe that you were.

I experienced all of the classical cycle related health issues until I realized what the problem behind my symptoms was: I was totally cut off from my body and understanding how my feeling states, choices and needs where related to the waves of the menstrual cycle.
My brain was dictating all of my life choices, how I saw myself and when I was allowed to rest. My body was nothing but a slave to my brain, never good enough of course. That's why I founded the startup Menstrual Alchemy, to share the knowledge and insight that helped me restore my right to exist, establish a cyclical workflow based on my body's rhythms, ease my symptoms and bring me closer to a profound exploration of my aliveness.

You can work with me 1on1, in Workshops or in Women's Circles, online or in person (Waldshut) in English or German. (See Menu)

You can also book a Consultation (ca 75min. - 65€) where you get direct psycho-physical support with anything related to how you experience your menstrual cycle (f.i. you might not know where to start, what is your actual problem, or you might feel a lack of self-worth, being out of alignment, general confusion, PMS, burn-out, menstrual cramps etc.)

Menstrual Alchemy is my signature blend of knowledge transfer, mindfulness, somatic embodiment, psychology, hypnosis and holistic health tipps based on what you bring in.

© Julika Weber 2022. All rights reserved. 

"I examine my own being and find there a world"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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